You must be 21 or older to purchase alcohol Products. You represent to us that you are indeed 21 or older. 

At time of pick up ID is verified to Match the name on the order as well as for DOB/expiration.

No ID /No Match no beer

If you have any questions about delivery please reach out to us at


All sales of Products are completed at our taproom in San Antonio, pickup shall be done here as well. Here is our address:

11911 Crosswinds Way Unit 201, San Antonio, TX 78233

We are contactless, so please follow the queue and stay in your car, we will drop the beer in your car!


Pick-up Product(s) will be held at the Islla taproom Saturday 11/21 from 1pm-7pm. If the order is not picked up by that Saturday at 7pm, the Product(s) will be placed back in inventory without a refund.


Proxies will be allowed only if (1) the proxy is named in the order notes or an arrangement has been made with Josh, JD or John and (2) the proxy provides state or federal identification matching the proxy listed in the order notes at pick up.


Our current policy is to not provide refunds. This is done because inventory is managed closely and it is not fair to other purchasers to be denied an opportunity to purchase Products that are in limited quantity. Additionally, we are charged for all merchant fees at the time of purchase and cannot get these back. In the event of extenuating circumstances, our wonderful staff may elect to issue a refund to you for 90% of the purchase price, with the remaining fees collected as compensation for merchant fees, labor  and restocking. Please always contact with questions about orders.